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World Juniors Day 4 Recap: Finland and USA handle business, Group B is an absolute mess.

Both the Americans and the Finns handle business, but only Group A looks like it has a fair grasp on what’s going on.

Andrea Cardin/HHOF-IIHF Images

Game 1: Kazakhstan is next on the Finnish revenge tour, get dropped 7-1

I sincerely don’t know if this is just a good game for Finland, or the Finns just being that far away from the Kazakhs but this is probably the least surprising result of the tournament.

Game Notes:

  • Have a heart for the lesser teams in this tournament who have to play Finland. They probably have Leijonat’s so-bad-and-obnoxious-its-almost-great goal song committed to memory.
  • Finland has been the engine of death this tournament. More goals than almost anybody and rarely lets up, being 2nd in the tournament in SOG.
  • As for Kazakhstan, let’s give it up for Maxim Musurov, who leads his team by far on offense with a goal in every game. Kid deserves credit for how they’ve played even in the face of almost certain doom.

Game 2: USA plays tight game, wins 3-1 over Russia

Given how much trouble some teams have been willing to give the States, it’s good to see them buckle down and play a game this complete.

Game Notes:

  • Once again, what killed an otherwise perfectly okay Russia squad was their crippling lack of discipline that involved, among other things, getting a little overly handsy after plays, and headbutting...and that was just to start. I guess the Red Machine isn’t exactly super well oiled or disciplined even if it doesn’t break.
  • Trevor Zegras is looking like a real player. 7 assists in 3 games. This was also a great night for Arthur Kaliyev, who had a pair of goals.
  • Bruins Prospects in this game: Hall and Beecher did not factor into the score. Hall played 8:23, and Beecher played 9:23. Gonna need a little more from you gents!

Games Today:

Morning Slate (9am)

  • Sweden vs. Kazakhstan
  • Canada vs. Germany

Afternoon Slate (1pm)

  • Slovakia vs. Switzerland
  • USA vs. Czech Republic

Personal Recommendations: Look there’s a miniscule chance Germany could beat Canada. I’m not saying they will and I’m not saying there’s a good shot they even go to OT. I’m just saying there’s a chance. Otherwise, watch USA vs. the Czechs. In honor of Jakub.