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FanPulse: Tuukka Rask is the current favorite to win the Vezina Trophy

Shuld of traded.

NHL: DEC 01 Canadiens at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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The Bruins are off to a great start. The team is, depending on the hour, at or near the top of the NHL standings. They’re first in their division by a healthy margin. David Pastrnak is leading the league in goals. Life is good.

One guy who has been playing well but hasn’t necessarily been getting Pastrnak/Brad Marchand levels of press? Tuukka Rask.

However, if you ask SB Nation’s FanPulse voters, Rask will ultimately be the best of the goalie bunch come season’s end.

Rask received more than 1/3rd of the vote in the FanPulse Vezina poll, more than 7% ahead of Marc-Andre Fleury.

Among goalies with at least 500 minutes TOI (approximately 9 games), Rask is currently (all stats are in all situations, not just 5v5):

  • 4th in the league in save percentage (.933)
  • 2nd in GAA (2.04)
  • Tied for 1st in wins (13...a silly stat, but I had to mention it)
  • Tied for 2nd in shutouts (2)
  • 3rd in GSAA (12.23)
  • 1st in high-danger save percentage (.892)
  • 2nd in high-danger GSAA (9.98)

What does this all mean? Well, nothing, of course, because it’s only December. But still, it’s sure to spark some discussion!

What do you think? Is Rask having a Vezina-caliber year so far, or are SB Nation’s voters out to lunch?

(By the way, David Pastrnak finished 2nd in the FanPulse voting for Hart, but it was 2nd by a country mile: Connor McDavid received 50% of the vote.)