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RECAP: Brad Marchand lifts B’s over Avs in OT!

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Overtime is a Bruin’s best friend this weekend!

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

All streamables made possible by Chris, one of our local statsboys!

First Period:

A good amount of not much happened in this period. Both teams understandably looked gassed and weren’t able to get much going...

...Right up until the very end of the period, where Brandon Carlo’s ill-timed hit attempt ended up giving Nathan MacKinnon both time and space, and well...

You don’t do that if you want to have a shutout. 1-0 Avs.

Just one of those guys you don’t let off the hook. Period over, onto the 2nd we go.

Second Period:

Very early on, John Moore, now the father of two, got a feed from Charlie McAvoy.

Being that he had just welcomed a babby into this world, he took it upon himself to even things up by using Matt Calvert as a screen! 1-1 Game!

There was an opportunity for Moore to double it up on what would truly have been one of the most batshit goals to ever count in a game, but the referees decided that it had indeed gone out, and the bounce from the red line didn’t count.

But imagine how different this recap would be if this counted. I don’t think I’d ever stop not-talking about this.

And with that, and about a million pucks exploding on the intended passer, the 2nd period ended with with a tied game.

3rd Period:

Thus began the period of a billion pucks exploding. Nobody could connect on passes. Rebounds were easy to come by, and often went right back to Avalanche players. It created some of the most frenetic hockey on planet earth without ever being in true danger of scoring anything. Frustrating, but man if it wasn’t fun.

Regulation ended, and back to OT.


After a truly bizzarre line combo began the period, some back and forth play, a truly phenominal stop by Jaroslav Halak...

Bergeron, Krug and Marchand went and did their work. And Marchand got the game winner to put the Bruins up 2 points and up 2-1!

Chicago is on the horizon, we’ll see you Tuesday!

Game Notes:

  • The Avs straight up do not like the Bruins and it showed today. No fights, but both sides were slamming into each other at all periods.
  • Congrats to John Moore on his goal and also his family on welcoming their daughter into the world! He’s desperately needed it, as his play has...regressed lately, and him having the game he had today was huge.
  • EXCELLENT bounce back game for Jaroslav Halak who out of everyone on the B’s not making $6 million AAV, desperately needed one. He’d gone far too long without a win and a SV% over .900, and the effort he put in to help win this game in critical moments was incredible
  • Not a great night power play-wise, going 0 for 5 in a game where the Avalanche couldn’t help themselves but get into penalty trouble all night. Thankfully, they actually scored all their goals at even strength, which recently has been like pulling teeth. An encouraging sign!
  • Charlie McAvoy had a very physical game and definitely made himself a target for the Avalanche...which didn’t exactly work out for the Avs because Charlie is a monster with a 10 year old’s face.
  • Torey Krug took a penalty that, had he not, would’ve probably gone and become a great scoring chance. Sometimes you have to take the least preferable actions like drawing a penalty to get a successful defensive result and while being on the PK sucks, being down a goal sucks way more. I commend him for taking one for the team.
  • Trent Frederic ended up playing less than 8 minutes tonight. Gonna be honest and say he probably might be nearing the end of his tenure as a Bruin in 2019. He’s just not ready, he’s not fast enough, and even if he got a really nice feed from Cehlarik...he didn’t get it through Varlamov.
  • Bergeron, Marchand, greatest ever, etc. etc. You know the drill.

The B’s take on the Blackhawks at 7pm on Tuesday before going into the hinterlands of...California. So we’re still gonna see some goofy start times. See you there!