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Bruins vs. Ducks 2/15/19 PREVIEW: CHAOS!

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The Ducks have made a lot of changes over the past...six days. What are the Bruins going to do to respond?

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Just the Facts:

The Time: 10:00pm EST

The Place: Honda Center, Anaheim, California

Place to Watch: NESN, Sportsnet, ESPN+, Prime Ticket

Place to Listen: 98.5 The Sports Hub

Opposing SBNation Blog: Anaheim Calling

Know Your Enemy:

  • Leading Goalscorer for the Ducks is Jakob Silfverberg, with 12 goals in 47 games. Your leading point-getter is Ryan Getzlaf who has 36 points in 50 games.
  • Adam Henrique is their power play lynchpin, with 5 goals and 8 points on the man-advantage, which practically dwarfs the next highest fourway tie for 2nd.
  • Corey Perry’s no longer injured! That unfortunately means there’s going to be an influx of Corey Perry!
  • John Gibson, previous savior of Randall Carlyle’s job, was injured against the Ottawa Senators last week from a collision with a teammate, so for the time being it looks like Ryan Miller or Kevin Boyle will be the man between the pipes for the Mightily Doomed Ducks. Boyle just pitched a 35-save shutout in his first game in the NHL on wednesday, as you do. Miller meanwhile has played 10 games and has a .922 SV%.
  • The Ducks are ass at just about...everything. Their goal differential is the worst in the league. Their CF% is third from the bottom, their FF% is second from the bottom. Their xGF% is dead last. They cannot shoot, they can barely score, and when they do, it almost seems like it’s on accident. They. Are. Bad.

Game Preview:

Man, life came for Anaheim fast.

The Ducks, after a truly disastrous road trip, at long last kicked one of the most redundant, back-asswards coaches in the world out after a truly abysmal road trip in which they won absolutely no games in seven tries. The bill they put off paying with Carlyle hockey finally came due and they cratered under it’s weight.

Who they hired to helm the ship for the next 25 games? Bob Murray.

The General Manager, a guy who has never coached in any capacity whatsoever.

So! How’d they do in their first game with Bobbert? They won. Thanks Canucks!

The good news is that the Ducks play generally the same kind of game they did prior to the firing of Carlyle. The game is still very much taken to them, they try to capitalize on anything they can and don’t most of the time, and generally let transition do 90% of the grunt work for offense and if they can’t get that going...they’re doomed.

The bad news is that the goaltending in Anaheim has remained rock-solid even considering the disaster in front of them and perhaps in spite of both age, experience, and in general system composition. Kevin Boyle decided he was gonna pitch a 35 game shutout and looked pretty darn good doing it. No guarantee he’s gonna be the same guy one game in a row against an actual NHL team, but in that one game? He looked pretty solid. Even Ryan Miller in his old age has been pretty respectable!

Considering that the sheer wide range of ways this could go for the Ducks, one should also think carefully about how Boston will respond, as they continue through this road trip without David Pastrnak. Early returns on who stepped up were promising, but it has to be a consistent effort going into this back-to-back weekend. Who knows what could happen right now. Maybe Karson Kuhlman will get a hat trick? Maybe they’ll struggle to do scoring again? All things are possible with this pair of teams.

And I cannot wait. This game’s gonna be at dicks o’clock and nothing will make sense, so get a tall beverage and just enjoy the ride.