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Bruins add Ex-Frontenac analyst Josh Pohlkamp-Hartt to their analytics department

The people in charge of crunching the numbers get a boost!

Sources available to Stanley Cup of Chowder have stated that Data Analyst Josh Pohlkamp-Hartt has been hired by the Boston Bruins to join their Analytics department:

Pohlkamp-Hartt’s work with the OHL’s Kingston Frontenacs was as head of analytics, and his work was extensive. Creating the formulas and then the tools to both check and evaluate forward line optimization and also in-game player monitoring. You can check out some of the in-depth stuff he did with the Frontenacs here. He definitely knows what to look for when it comes to analyzing the game, to say the least. No stone left unturned.

He’s also been quite active outside of the hockeysphere, teaching statistical quality control over at Queen’s University in Kingston, ONT, and had a stint as a statician for Apple Inc.

In short, he knows what he’s up to and how to make it happen from scratch, he has the pedigree to back it up, and he’s now part of the Bruins analytics department.

I for one, think it’s a good addition. New perspectives are good perspectives.

Welcome to Boston, Josh!