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Bruins vs. Kings 2/17/19 RECAP: Rask has save of the year in 4-2 win!

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The Bruins kept it fairly close until a pair of late goals ensured that the Bruins would be taking 2nd place in the Atlantic Division!

NHL: Boston Bruins at Los Angeles Kings Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

First Period:

The B’s started things off with trading opportunities once or twice, then Krejci gave Peter Cehlarik a pass who managed to get a borderline miraculous feed to Jake DeBrusk who cashed in to put the Bruins up 1-0!

Seriously. That puck bounces on Ladue’s skate in any other way and it’s probably not going anywhere. What vision to find a space like that.

The B’s managed to keep the game as it was for the rest of the period, trading opportunities, and then keeping the Kings from doing too many good things.

Horn sounds, onto the 2nd we go!

Second Period:

Things didn’t start great. The Kings clearly weren’t interested in being bowled over again and were creating nothing but great chances against Boston’s defense, and on the power play, Ilya Kovalchuk showed LA what the heck they were supposed to do on it and put a bullet past Rask, bringing our score to 1-1. Less than ideal.

Even less than ideal was that afterwards, the B’s really took a hit in the discipline department, with a distressing pair of middle-period penalties. And the Kings capitalized on the reeling Boston, getting good chances to Rask but Rask showed he was not one to play around today, and had a save you’ll be seeing as part of the B’s opening titantron video for however long he’s a Bruin. It’s just magnificent.

Thankfully, the Bruins rewarded that effort with some strong play, and on a particularly fortuitous bounce to him off a faceoff, Brad Marchand shot through two LA defenders to put the Bruins up 2-1!

You can see it in Campbell’s eyes. Ain’t no way he’s saving that.

Clock ticks down again, and then the third period was all that stood between Boston and 2nd Place in the Atlantic.

Third Period:

The B’s and Kings started this period in the drunkest way imaginable; both sides losing the puck, getting to the goaltender but not shooting, getting opportunities but not capitalizing, it was a mess.

Thankfully, the play of Tuukka Rask ensured that the Bruins would be perfectly fine going into the waning minutes of the period, and nothing would possibly-Sean where are you going. Sean. SEAN. SEAN-

...2-2 Kings. C’mon, man.

Well, we’d all brace ourselves for what was probably looking to be a pretty nasty end of game scenario where we fretted over OT, and then who but Charlie McAvoy would find his way to a goal just before the final minute. 3-2 Bruins!

And as an added bonus from the LA Kings just flat out being dead on their feet, Patrice Bergeron did a goalscoring by poke checking! 4-2 Bruins!

Imagine not having players who could do that. Wouldn’t that be awful?

And with that? The game ended, and the B’s will presumably make the trip to NorCal on Sunday to prepare for their game against the Sharks on Monday!

Game Notes:

  • A .920 SV% is what Rask earned today, and frankly it should’ve been higher if not for a couple of really sloppy shifts in front of him. He was dialed in, and of course that 2nd period save was just insane.
  • Jake DeBrusk has really come alive in those California nights with 3 points in his last couple of games. Him heating up now is probably the best thing for them and his line specifically.
  • Karson Kuhlman! He played about 9:47 and was...there, I guess. The issue with this new-look 4th line now is that as it stands the group assembled simply cannot create dangerous chances even if it’s given to them and almost nothing on that line is concerned with offense or the creation thereof.
  • Bruins pick up another injury: Peter Cehlarik, the man who threaded the first goal of the game through to Jake DeBrusk, who left early with a lower body injury. With how well he’s helped the 2nd line coalesce, it’s a rough blow to take. One can hope it’s merely day-to-day.
  • While this stretch has not just been good for the B’s, it’s catapulted them into 2nd in the Atlantic, keeping it is going to be a task in and of itself, and what better way to see if you’re actually getting better than playing one of the few actually alright teams in the Pacific in San Jose?

See you Monday!