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Dreger: At the deadline, Bruins are “in it to win it”

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This is either great or terrifying, depending on your view of the team.

Ottawa Senators v Boston Bruins - Game Six Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It’s getting close to the deadline, and the Bruins are still in a bit of a weird spot. They’re firmly in playoff position and are a “good” team, but they’re clearly a step or two behind the Tampa Bay Lightning, the team they’d have to go through to get anywhere come June. they make a minor move designed to bolster the current roster, or do they make a major splash and truly “go for it”?

If you believe Darren Dreger, they’re looking more toward the latter.

Dreger appeared on TSN 1050 in Toronto this morning and had plenty to say about the Bruins.

He thinks Tyler Toffoli of the Los Angeles Kings isn’t their main target anymore, and cites a player up in Ottawa who he thinks has caught the Bruins’ eye:

“They’re watching the Ottawa Senators,” said Dreger. “And if someone like Ryan Dzingel popped into the market...I think Boston would be all over that.”

He added that he’s heard the Bruins interested in everyone from Toffoli and Dzingel to Jeff Carter, saying that he believes the Bruins are an actual contender if they can add some secondary scoring punch, adding that it’s something Don Sweeney has been looking for since the offseason.

He cited depth in the Bruins’ prospect pool as a reason a youngster may be available for a trade:

“They’ve got two or three very similar young forwards, like Heinen, Bjork...there’s three or four of them that they could part with,” he said. “These are good players, I mean, players that you’d want to hold on to in a perfect world, but the Bruins are in it to win it. They feel like they’re designed to contend for the Stanley Cup right now.”

“They just would like to add a little bit more,” he finished. “They’re willing to part with the assets, be it draft picks or some of the younger pieces.”

WELP. Obviously Dreger isn’t a fortune teller, but he’s pretty plugged in. Is this something that excites you about the deadline, or fills you with impending doom?

By the way, Dreger added that he thinks the Bruins “flat out have the edge” over Toronto in a potential playoff series, which is bold to say on Toronto radio. NICE.

Thanks to Nichols on Hockey for first sharing the radio link.