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Bruins vs. Golden Knights RECAP: Backes’ Shootout goal keeps the win streak alive! Bruins win 3-2!

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NHL: Boston Bruins at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

First Period:

The game got off to a hot start, with both sides trading chances but mostly Vegas getting the lion’s share, until about halfway through the period when Jake DeBrusk remained as hot as he’s been by pressing the spin button on his controller and getting the puck right up over Fleury! 1-0 Bruins!

God it’s so weird to hear Goucher after all this time. It’s like seeing a family member after several years...

Unfortunately, this would not last, as the Knights would counter with a Reilly Smith tally late in the period that got past just about everybody to get into the net. 1-1 Tie.

And with that, the period ended 1-1. Onto the next 20 minutes.

Second Period:

Whole lotta shots, particularly from Vegas, but no goals, thanks to the spectacular play of Jaroslav Halak, who was dialed in just about from minute one. This was good, because the power play during this time was just as close to butt as you could come without completely giving up a goal short-handed.

Yeah, not great. Onto period 3 we go.

Third Period:

Things started pretty good! Brad Marchand got on the ice after the Kuraly line’s initial shift and just put a rocket past Fleury. 2-1 Bruins!

Yay! Nothing could possibly stop these good vi-

...or Nate Schmidt could walk by just about everybody and score. That’s cool I guess. 2-2.

And that is how the period would end, as neither side could come to a satisfying conclusion and neither side could conjure up a point for the rest of regulation.


The Bruins took an absolutely boneheaded Too many men call, but killed that and Jaroslav Halak was still himself, so we move on to the Shootout.

Skills Competition:

Jake DeBrusk opened it, and then David Backes finished it off with a pretty slick tally to extend the Bruins win-streak to lucky number 7! 3-2 Bruins!

Game Notes:

  • Ah yes, David Backes shootout goal. Like we all suspected. I mean, it was obvious, right?
  • What a sloppy game on both sides but especially on the Bruins side. For vast stretches of the game the Knights were able to dictate play, and were it not for the play of Jaroslav Halak, we’d be talking about a very different game. He earned his .939% SV% tonight.
  • Hurts not to have much on the power play, too. 0-for-3 is a pretty not-good night for one of the better teams at man-advantage situations.
  • Karson Kuhlman’s really eased into this whole NHLer business. Certainly has the wheels for it. all he has to do is score a little more and he might be set!
  • Charlie Coyle will probably join the team for Saturday Evening’s contest against the Blues.

We’ll see you then!