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Peter Cehlarik has been sent to Providence

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A necessary move to make room on the roster.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With Charlie Coyle set to join the squad, the Bruins needed to clear a spot on the roster.

To make room for Coyle, the Bruins announced late last night that Peter Cehlarik has been sent to Providence.

The move is undoubtedly disappointing for Cehlarik, who looked pretty good during this stint in Boston.

However, he was injured during the Bruins' game in Los Angeles this past weekend, and hadn't played since.

Sending him to the AHL gives him some time to continue his recovery, as he'll likely be back as a depth guy for the playoff run.

Cehlarik posted 4G-2A-6PTS totals in 13 games during this recall.