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Bruins bring Peter Cehlarik back, send Trent Frederic to Providence

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Yeah I have no idea.

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

So here's a weird one for you: after sending him to Providence last night, the Bruins announced this evening that Peter Cehlarik has been recalled from Providence and Trent Frederic has been sent down.

Why didn't they just send Frederic down last night? Why make the extra move? Are there any horse socks? Is anyone listening to me?

Anyways, welcome back, PC. Trent Frederic will have to wait a bit to play in front of his hometown team.

EDIT: Turns out I'm the one who makes no sense. The Bruins announced that Cehlarik was sent down late last night, during a game in which Frederic was playing.

The move was made so the Coyle deal could be finished yesterday. Now that they have Coyle for Frederic's spot, the roles were switched today.

Don't listen to me, I know nothing. I have trade deadline fever. Thanks to those who pointed out the clear issue.