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Marcus Johansson traded to Boston

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MoJo is officially headed to Beantown as a buzzer beater deal.

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at New Jersey Devils Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The 28-year-old has 12 goals and 15 assists this season so far with the Devils. The former Capitals and Devils player could slide in as a versatile winger, giving Bruce Cassidy more play with the lineup. We’ll update as we hear the pieces going back and any more analysis we can provide.


Some quick hit thoughts from our staff:

Matt McGuirk: Not sure I see the fit here. Seems like a last minute panic trade once other targets were off the board.

Jake Reiser: Fits a need, and with NJ retaining half his salary, I don’t see too much of a downside as a rental.

Adam Denhard: Glad the B’s can add some secondary scoring without losing a roster player. The prospect tank is OK right now so some picks can be sacrificed.