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Brad Marchand toasted Erik Karlsson and tied the Bruins’ shorthanded goal record in the process

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It was beautiful...unless you’re Erik Karlsson.

Chicago Blackhawks v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Erik Karlsson is awesome. He’s one of the best defensemen in the game, unless you’re one of those people who claim offense defensemen aren’t defensemen. Those people are wrong, but we’re not here to discuss that.

Instead, we’re here to discuss Brad Marchand undressing Karlsson en route to scoring a shorthanded goal. LOOK AT IT.

(If you’re on mobile, here’s Link 1 and here’s Link 2.)

The goal was the 25th of the season for Marchand, but was also the 25th shorthanded goal of his career.

That puts him in a tie with Rick Middleton for the most shorthanded goals in Bruins history. NOT BAD.

It’s worth noting that Karlsson is not anywhere close to 100%. He was already dealing with a nagging injury, and appeared to tweak it again in the second period. He should probably be in the locker room, but San Jose keeps running him out there.

The Bruins are up 4-1 late in the second.