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Jaroslav Halak bids for Save of the Year honors with a monster stop in OT

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There are huge glove saves, then there are huge OT glove saves.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Bruins blew a two-goal lead in the third period, sending their tilt with the New York Rangers into overtime.

The entire 3v3 overtime was complete chaos, with sterling chances at either end. The best chance, however, was on the stick of Mika Zibanejad, who found himself all alone in front of Jaroslav Halak with the game on his stick.

Halak was up to the task.


Zibanejad would get his revenge in the shootout, scoring in the third round. Brad Marchand would answer, but Anthony DeAngelo won it in the 7th round.

The Bruins emerge with a point, but had additional chances to take two because of that save by Halak.