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Boston Bruins extend affiliation with Providence for the next ten years

Aww, they renewed their vows...

Providence Bruins Flickr

The Boston Bruins will not have to worry bout where their AHL/Tweener/"Still needs seasoning" talent will be for the foreseeable future, as they and the Providence Bruins announced the extension of their affiliation going for the next ten years:

Their relationship is most impressive in the mercurial world of minor league sports, as Providence has been the AHL affiliate since their inception in 1992, making it the longest running player development agreement between teams in both NHL and AHL history at 27 seasons. The agreement has largely been successful for both sides so far, as the P-B's have plenty of NHL talent they can proudly call alumni (Tuukka Rask, Brad Marchand, etc.) and a steady stream of promising prospects to get into Calder Cup Contention with, and the Bruins have several mainline and soon-to-be mainline talents coming up through the Ocean State.

It also helps that, unlike most teams, they're also pretty close together and their emergency call ups can get to Boston in half an hour/45 minutes if the traffic is good/they break a lot of traffic laws.

Here's to another successful decade of Bruins hockey in Massachusetts AND Rhode Island!