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Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game One
Brad Marchand in a tight turn
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

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Fresh Links: Inauspicious

But it was 4-1! Don’t the Bruins usually win those?

On to Saturday! Tune in on NBC in prime time at 8:00PM.

  • The only teams representing the Original Six in the playoffs this year, the Bruins seemed unable to capitalize on plenty of second period chances while the Maple Leafs kept their feet on the gas. Sports Illustrated
  • “...slow, sloppy...” about sums it up. Brad Marchand observed that the Bruins may have underestimated their opponent. NHL
  • These Leafs were not a bunch that caved under pressure. With a win, they are now emboldened. Boston Herald
  • Don’t worry about Jake DeBrusk after seeing him miss a few shifts. He’s fine. Really. 985 The Sports Hub
  • Cheer up, Bruins fans- what went wrong last night is identifiable and fixable. WEEI
  • Three observations from the game include one happier note- the third line did their job. Bruins Daily
  • There were an abundance of mental mistakes and turnovers on the Bruins’ part. Puck management must improve. Patriot Ledger
  • Bruce Cassidy advises that you don’t even try to pin this on Tuukka Rask. WEEI
  • The line blender was not engaged, and for good reason. NESN
  • This live blog of the game includes a shot heat map, between-periods assessments, and closing notes- including the name of the best Bruins player- Charlie Coyle. HockeyBuzz
  • Bruins fans merrily marinated in all the pregame hoopla, but ultimately were left with a sour disappointment. And Mike Babcock poked the bear! Boston Herald

From behind enemy lines:

  • Making the case- much is at stake in this series, something amber in color, foamy, and maybe a little hoppy. Boston Herald
  • The Leafs needed this win, historically they have not done well battling from behind in playoff series. CBC
  • The final article in this series tackles the forwards and a prediction for the matchup- Part #3. HockeyBuzz
  • It had been since 2003 that the Maple Leafs had opened a playoff series with a win, and this group definitely wants to put history in the rearview mirror. NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • 31 Thoughts opines on the upcoming NHL awards, Panthers personnel decisions, Todd McLellan’s fate, Peter Chiarelli’s replacement in Edmonton, and a Bob Cole story surrounding the pronunciation of Vladimir Sobotka’s name. Sportsnet
  • Congrats to Maple Leaf backup goalie (and former Bruin) Michael Hutchinson for some good news on the home front last night. @LukeFox
  • For one Toronto fan, hope not only springs eternal, it indicates clinical delusion. (Note the final edit, postgame last night.) NO, REALLY. (Language *NSFW*) The Beaverton