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Should Toronto’s first goal have been called back for goalie interference?

Tuukka Rask thought so. The league disagreed.


The Leafs outplayed the Bruins in all aspects of the game tonight, so it’s a little surprising that Game 5 came down late in the third period.

Auston Matthews broke the deadlock with a wicked one-timer with just under 9 minutes to go.

(Link if you can’t see the highlight.)

Immediately after the goal, Rask turned around and approached the officials, signaling that he was bumped by Zach Hyman in front.

The Bruins would challenge it, and after a fairly lengthy review, the league upheld the call on the ice: good goal.

Was it the right call? It’s hard to say. It seems like goalie interference is an ever-evolving rule. Sometimes it’s a penalty. Sometimes it’s no goal. Sometimes it’s a goal. Who knows?

The overhead angle didn’t look too bad, but this angle makes it look worse:

You could certainly make the argument that Rask wasn’t going to get over there regardless, but that’s not really how goalie interference is supposed to work. A former goalie agreed with that assessment:

Annnnnnnd another ex-goalie chimed in:

And a current goalie!

You know it’s bad when even Canadiens fans are on board:

Per a communication from the league, this is the logic:

“If a review is not conclusive and/or there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether the call on the ice was correct, the original call on the ice will be confirmed.”

Whatever you say, NHL.

The call changed the tune of Leafs fans, who spent the earlier portion of the game complaining that the refs were bad and were biased; after this call, the refs were fair and good and wise. That’s the way it goes!

What do you think?