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Brad Marchand becomes the first Bruin in almost 18 years to reach 100 points!

Not since Jumbo Joe has Boston had a player this prolific!

NHL: Florida Panthers at Boston Bruins Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s game couldn’t have been better for Brad Marchand, as he had a goal late in the 2nd period, and then a stretch pass that became an assist for David Pastrnak in the 3rd, doing something that a Bruin hasn’t done since Joe Thornton did in 2002-03.

Get 100 points in a season. The first time he’s ever done it.

Here’s the goal:

And the assist:

And where did he celebrate?

...The Penalty bench. Because of course he’d get an interference call on a former Bruin.

Regardless of that, congrats to Brad on reaching this milestone in his meteoric career!