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Kevan Miller returns after an injury scare

Ah yes, just what we were looking to avoid!

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Both the Bruins and the Wild have been playing most of tonight’s game in “don’t get hurt” mode. Most checks aren’t being finished (except for Connor Clifton, who laid a guy out). Goalies are throwing out loose pucks to avoid faceoffs. It’s a pretty weird game.

It figures, then, that someone would get heard on a kind of weird play.

From Chris:


It certainly didn’t look good for Miller, who appeared to have trouble putting pressure on one of his legs. It’s hard to tell if the injury occurred on the initial awkward fall or when his leg/knee slammed off the boards.

Either way, as of the writing of this post, Miller hasn’t returned.

UPDATE (9:26) - Miller returned to the bench late in the second. Crisis averted!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE (10:35) - Miller took a quick shift or two but didn't return. Ideally, it's a precaution, but we'll see.