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Preview: Bruins look to solidify their standing by dominating the Bruins


Just the facts

When: Tonight, 7 PM

Where: TD Garden - Boston, MA

How to follow: Buy a ticket for $20 and go to the game

Rival SBN site: Stanley Cup of Chowder

Game notes

  • Rest vs. rust will be a key storyline in this game. The Bruins have been off for a week, while the Bruins have been off for a week. Which side has the upper hand?
  • One of the more interesting parts of the Bruins’ layoff has been the challenge of keeping the team sharp. For their part, there were reports that the Bruins were going to talk to the New England Patriots for advice on how to stay sharp during long breaks. However, there are also rumors that their opponents sought the advice of the most recent Super Bowl champions, so there’s a tit-for-tat thing going on.
  • Neither team will be icing a true enforcer tonight, which should lead to some interesting confrontations. With no policeman on either side, will we see one group take liberties with the other?
  • The home team has been the better side in recent weeks, but it’s never a good idea to count out the other home team when it’s also at home.
  • Special teams could be key to this match-up: The Bruins’ power play has been lethal over the past few weeks, but the Bruins’ penalty kill has done a good job bottling things up.
  • There’s often a bit of a chess match in these games, but there’s no reason to think Bruce Cassidy isn’t inside the head of the other side’s coach tonight.
  • This game sets up a rare match-up of recent Stanley Cup Champions, as the 2011 Cup champions will take on the winners of the 2011 Cup.

See ya tonight!

On a serious note, this whole exercise screams “DO NOT GET HURT.” The Bruins should consider this little more than a dress rehearsal: no hits, no slapshots, no blocked shots, etc. Please don’t do anything dumb.