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Fresh Links: Sweet Charity

The Bruins face the Bruins tonight in a battle against rust and to benefit the Bruins Foundation.

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NHL: Preseason-Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins
Black Aces get a chance to shine (Axel Andersson and Jakub Lauko)
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

There’ll be some Bruin on Bruin action tonight, and chance to see the Black Aces in action- all to benefit the Bruins Foundation.

  • A scrimmage like tonight’s is a risk v. reward proposal- here’s why. WEEI
  • Looking ahead to the next opponent, assess how the Blues match up against Boston. CBS Sports
  • How have the current players drafted and brought up through the Bruins’ system panned out?
  • As dear as his friends are back in St. Louis, David Backes is all in for his Boston team. MassLive
  • The only thing better than Patrice Bergeron is playoff mode Patrice Bergeron, going toe-to-toe against opponents’ best forward lines and stealing their pucks. Causeway Crowd
  • A ranking- which Bruins and Blues will have the greatest impact on the outcome of the series? USA Today
  • How does the way each team is constructed affect the likely series outcome? ESPN
  • We have met the enemy, and he is us- the Bruins and Blues have a lot in common. Patriot Ledger
  • Just for fun- five facts about this Stanley Cup Final. WEEI
  • A complete turnaround was completed by the Blues beginning January 3rd- how did they do it? New York Times
  • Why all the hate for the Bruins? Andrew Raycroft takes a stab at explaining. (Audio, 1:16) CBC Sports
  • The Bruins seemingly had an easier road to the final. They owe no apologies to anyone for that.

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Reviewing playoff progressions through both conferences, how did we get to the matchup for the Stanley Cup Final? NHL
  • Some NHL Stanley Cup head coaches have survived and even thrived after initial career hiccups. CBC
  • Joe Thornton retirement watch may have begun, but then again, don’t be quite so hasty. Sports Illustrated
  • The scheduled officials and supervisors for the Final have been announced. Due to Wes McCauley’s injury, extras have been named just in case. Scouting the Refs