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Fresh Links: Welcome Back

The first line reappeared, David Backes rejoined the fray, and now the series boomerangs back to Boston

Boston Bruins v Columbus Blue Jackets - Game Four
Sharing a goal celly (Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand)
Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Bruins won Game #4, and the series returns to Boston as a best of three. Tune in Saturday at 7:15PM on NBC to watch Game #5.

(Game #6 will be Monday at 7:00PM, and Game #7 will be Wednesday, time yet to be scheduled.)

  • The Bruins that needed to be their best, were. Tuukka Rask reported that the officals were fortunate that he was not aware of the situation predeeding the Blue Jackets’ lone goal. The Hockey News
  • Playoff experience matters, and the Bruins capitalized on theirs in the win. CBC
  • The win did not mask the fact that Boston’s power play continues to be fraught, gifting the Blue Jackets multiple short-handed goal attempts. David Backes, David Pastrnak- are you guys okay? Sports Illustrated
  • David Pastrnak took a hit and then charged back into action, giving his team the lead. (With video) CBS Boston
  • Having been on the receiving end of an intentional elbow to the noggin, David Backes might want to take issue with The Bettman’s carefully crafted testimony regarding headshots in the NHL. Sports Illustrated
  • Brad Marchand dug deep and kept his composure. It mattered. Did playing the heel serve a larger purpose for his teammates? Sporting News
  • The Bruins were not only playing against Columbus, but cruel fate as well. WEEI
  • “Zebra woes” now dog the Bruins into their second playoff round. It seems to be contageous in the playoffs this season. Causeway Crowd
  • That questionable goal was fortunately the only one Columbus scored last night. But the same exact thing happened in 2014. Heads are still spinning. (With video) WEEI
  • Two of three lessons learned from the game ain’t bad. Bruins Daily
  • Repeat after me- Tuukka Rask stole this game. (With video) NHL
  • The Bruins do miss Kevan Miller in this series. NESN
  • Sergei Bobrovsky is playing for more than a cup. His postseason numbers are making his case for a big payday. ESPN
  • Looking ahead, should the Devils seek to return Marcus Johansson to the fold? The Hockey Writers

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In other Stanley Cup Playoff news: Philipp Grubauer and the Avalanche shut out San Jose to even their series. NBC Sports Bonus- the One-Eyed Yeti foiled his own scoring attempt in an almost Bruin-ensque fashion. (Video) @jeudepuissance, via Reddit. First round sweeps and upsets of the favored teams is so last week- today is all about second round series knotted up 2 games apiece. NHL
  • Godspeed Red Kelly, a multiple Lady Byng winner, winner of the first Norris Trophy, and former member of Parliament. Sportsnet
  • The women of professional hockey are taking a stand #ForTheGame. The Ice Garden (An embarrasing side note- who is Kendall Coyne Sheffield? Daily Mail)
  • One fan asserts that the total hockey experience is enhanced not only by being at the game, but on the ice as well. NO, REALLY! The Onion