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Jakub Lauko helps Rouyn-Noranda capture Memorial Cup

The 2018 third round pick has captured north america’s premiere junior hockey championship

Vincent Ethier

Jakub Lauko on the floor of the 2018 NHL Draft, declared in confidence that he’d be the steal of his draft year.

It was a pretty confident declaration, but after the year he’s had, and the pin he put on it with this? He’s making it hard to not suspect he’s gonna make good on this.

In Lauko’s first year in North America, Jakub Lauko captured a league title, a finalist in rookie scoring, a top scoring title in the Memorial Cup tourney...Oh yeah, and the Memorial Cup.

Lauko’s eight points were instrumental in getting the Huskies to where they are now as defending Memorial Cup champs, vast majority of whom were assists. Which sounds kind of dull...until you see some of the assists he was giving out. Some real “man amongst boys” kinda plays out here.

Of course, he did chip in on goals when needed. And boy howdy did they need this one:

All in all, Lauko’s 2018-19 couldn’t have gone better for him, and the cap of a pair of championships just make it all the sweeter.

Congrats to him, and we’ll more than likely see him in dev camp/training camp next season!