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Charlie McAvoy suspended for Game 1

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Mac is out until the nebulously defined Game 2.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Columbus Blue Jackets Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We all expected something to come of McAvoy’s hit on Josh Anderson last night, and now it’s here. NHL Player Safety has handed out a one game suspension to Charlie McAvoy.

The PA’s reasoning is as follows (paraphrased, see the link in the tweet for more):

  • Head was the main point of contact when it was avoidable, while taking into account that Anderson’s Body/Shoulder does take some brunt of the force.
  • McAvoy’s angle of approach comes through the front of the body, as opposed to the core of Anderson or shoulder, then going up with the shoulder/elbow.
  • McAvoy has not been charged with this before, so 1 playoff game it is.

Before you start kvetching about the player safety (which we’ll probably be doing once the playoffs are over), it should be noted that this kind of suspension is consistent (even if it’s light) with a similar hit thrown during this playoffs:

So...No Mac for Game 1.

The Eastern Conference Finals already got super interesting and maybe a little fear inducing.