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Kevan Miller may not be done for the entire playoffs after all

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He’s not back, but all of a sudden it isn’t out of the question.

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Kevan Miller has been one of those “oh yeah, right” guys for the Bruins this postseason: it’s been so long since he’s appeared regularly in the lineup that it’s easy to forget he should be there.

Miller had a tough season in terms of injuries. He only appeared in 39 games due to a variety of ailments, including that horrible larynx injury.

Miller was out for more than a month toward the end of the season, from February 24 through March 30. He returned for three games in late March and early April before being sidelined for the last game of the regular season.

He was then deemed out for Game 1 of the Toronto series with a lower-body injury. That turned into “out for the beginning of the series,” which turned into “out for the series,” which turned into “out for the playoffs.”

Today, however, GM Don Sweeney offered a glimmer of hope for Miller. Per Sweeney, from the team PR staff:

“Kevan’s made some progress, so we’re hopeful,” said Sweeney. “He’s got some...benchmarks he has to [hit] before he gets back on the ice. We told him all along, the further [we go], the more he has an opportunity to continue to work and get back in there. Hopefully, we give him that opportunity.”

Well alright then!

While it still appears that Miller is a longshot to return, he at least is being given a slight chance of returning.

If you’re a betting man/woman, you probably shouldn’t put your life savings on Miller being back this season. But a little optimism is better than nothing!