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A quick look at who the experts say should be in Boston’s sights for the 2019 Draft’s first round

The B’s are gonna be on the clock in just under four days. So who do the prospect watchers think is in their wheelhouse?

NHL Draft Lottery Drawing Photo by Abelimages / Getty Images for NHL

The week of the draft is here, and so unfortunately due to the Bruins being in the SCF until the bitterest end imaginable, I can only afford to do a few previews at most, if at all.

So we’re gonna try to cast a wider net than “guys I think would fit/guys who are interesting/guys who have funny names” than I did last year. The Bruins have pick #30 in the draft, and then don’t pick until Pick #92. The B’s have been hard at work while we weren’t looking scouting all across the hockey playing world, and have likely narrowed down their decision. But who will it be?

Well, this is where we turn to the people who try to call this kind of thing for a living, and we’ll probably do more in-depth stuff based on that, and some diamonds in the rough if we still have time. Keep in mind I am not necessarily calling these ringing endorsements, but rather the players the people who follow this stuff full-time say should be picked.

So, what do the online folks say?: - Tobias Björnfot - Left-Handed Defender

6’0, 203 lbs.

General Statements: He is a stout lad for 18. Also labelled a “complete defender” by the DraftinEurope page in 2018, so might be worth a looksee. - Jameson Rees - Center

5’11, 175 lbs.

General Statements: Seems to have been depth for Sarnia Sting last year and didn’t play much, but I’m getting the impression from him that he’s expected to get more icetime as a slight over-ager.

Future Considerations - Arthur Kaliyev - Left Wing

6’2, 190lbs.

General Statements: Had over 100 points and was the leading point-getter/goal-scorer for the Hamilton Bulldogs in the OHL at 17. Is also being described as a bit of a boom or bust kinda prospect due to lingering concerns about his development. Definitely worth a looksee, however.

Outside Sources with some insider knowledge - Nils Höglander- Center

5’9, 180 lbs.

General Statements: Apparently before World Juniors, the Bruins were scouting this little impossible-to-stop goalscorer noticeably harder than anybody else, something they were otherwise usually pretty quiet about in the past. Punches above his weight class would be an understatement on how he conducts himself on the ice. Think Torey Krug’s size and Sean Kuraly’s work ethic. He has risen a bit in the rankings however, so there’s a possibility he may not be there by the time the Bruins pick.

McKeen’s Hockey - John Beecher - Center

6’3, 209 lbs.

General Statements: Soon to be a teammate of another Bruins prospect as he joins the Michigan Wolverines. He also didn’t end up playing with Jack Hughes so his stat totals appear to be pretty pedestrian in comparison. - Philip Tomasino - Center

6’0, 181 lbs.

General Statements: The OHL’s silver medal in 5v5 production with 58 points. Dude had a great time with Niagara and has few holes in his game.

Raw Charge - Spencer Knight - Goaltender

6’3, 198 lbs.

General Statements: Due to the entire “Malcolm Subban” debacle, I don’t think anyone’s in a hurry to actually go out and get this guy. That said, he was more than happy to backstop the National development team for Jack Hughes, and he’s enormous, so he can’t be overlooked.

DobberProspects - Matthew Robertson - LHD

6’4, 201 lbs.

General Statements: the rare huge guy who can actually skate for once! That’s neat!

Mile High Hockey - Samuel Poulin - LW

6’2, 207 lbs.

General Statements: Six-foot-two stacked up with poutine and goalscoring. Leader of the Sherbrooke Phoenix in points and one of their Alternate Captains. - Leevi Aaltonen - RW

5’9, 168 lbs.

General Statements: Frankly I think this is a bit of a reach. He’s fast and has some skill but it appears most other groups have him as a 2nd rounder at best.

And that’s just a start. We’ll begin more traditional previews...tomorrow!