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Women's Hockey Update

With all hockey now in the offseason it’s time to check in with our local women's teams.

Isobel Cup Semi-Finals: Boston Pride vs. Connecticut Whale Heather Rose - Smoke & Honey Photography

With the NHL season wrapped up it’s time to check in with our Boston area women’s hockey teams. It’s been quite an offseason for some and more quiet for others.

Worcester Blades

Up first is the team that has had such a tumultuous offseason their league closed up shop. While the CWHL might be no more all the players on this team will be looking for teams to play for which we will be keeping up to date with.

Boston Pride

With the cessation of activities for the CWHL many expected the NWHL to reap the rewards of the host of available talent. Instead things have gone a bit crazy on the professional side with #ForTheGame comig into play with most of the top north American talent, and many top Europeans, threatening to not play in North America until their requests have been met. While they have definitively come short of calling it a strike or boycott much of the talk surrounding the movement has been along that vein.

Even with this movement as part of the picture, the Pride have clearly had the best opportunities for signings with almost a third of their roster filled while the rest of the league is lagging behind.

Boston College Eagles

After a pair of dissapoitinng losses to end their last season the hits have just kept on coming. The transfer portsal has been very unkind. With two of their top scorers heading west the Eagles will look to get some big scoring out of there outstanding recruiting class.

One welcome addition to the Eagles will be on their coaching staff in the form of new assistant coach Andie Anastos.

Northeastern University Huskies

A relatively quiet offseason so far but the schedule release for the Huskies revealed a possible matchup with the defending national champion for the second year in a row to open the second half of the season, this year the opponent would be Wisconsin in Pittsburgh.