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Charlie McAvoy should be good to go after his blocked shot

It was a scary sight, but it looks like the kid should be okay.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Three Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Late in the third period, the Bruins were cruising to a Game 3 win, but the Blues had pulled their goalie (again) and were peppering the net with shots.

One of those shots ran into Charlie McAvoy; more specifically, it ran into the inside of his left knee:


As you can see from the clip above, McAvoy’s block eventually led to a Noel Acciari goal, but it also led to a whole lot of discomfort for McAvoy.

McAvoy skated to the bench doubled over in pain, remained doubled over on the bench, then headed down the tunnel after the empty-net goal.

BAD NEWS BEARS. Bruins fans held their breath, fearing that a big win was about to have a pall cast over it.

Instead, the news was good:

HOORAY! Now we don’t have to cut out our own knees to donate to McAvoy.

It’s worth noting that McAvoy was throwing himself in shooting lanes with the Bruins up 4 goals in the last couple minutes of the game.