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The update on Zdeno Chara is that there is no update

Mysteries are fun.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the exciting update on Zdeno Chara: we don't really have one.

The initial thought in this is that it's not really good news. If the Bruins thought Chara's ailment could be healed with rest, we probably wouldn't hear "we'll see."

The guess is that Chara needs to see a specialist of some kind to assess the level of damage, reportedly to his teeth but potentially to his jaw.

The guess here is that they were able to do some quick dental work that was in danger of coming out if Chara got hit, potentially making the situation worse.

It seems like the ideal scenario is that it's dental issue and that Chara is able to get a more stable fix put in today or tomorrow. That would give him a day or so to feel things out.

Still, it was good to see Chara on the bench in the third, even if the ending wasn't great. A guy with that much experience can still help the team from the bench, calling out coverage, offering advice, etc.

Of course, he wanted to be out there instead.

Let's hope his Game 5 impact is on the ice instead.