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The Bruins don’t have an offer extended to Marcus Johansson

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It looks like the Swede will indeed be suiting up elsewhere next season.

Boston Bruins Hold End-Of-Season Media Availability Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It would appear that the sad photo above is the last time you’ll see Marcus Johansson and his Bruins gear, unless you’re watching replays. Per Don Sweeney at the team’s post-frenzy press conference today, the Bruins do not have an offer extended to Johansson, an indication that he likely won’t be returning to Boston.

Of course, it’s worth noting that anything is possible and that the Johansson camp could circle back to the Bruins in the coming days, but Sweeney probably doesn’t say “no, we don’t have an offer pending” if he was planning on making one any time soon.

It’s what most expected, but is a little disappointing regardless. It’s the right move for the Bruins in terms of cap space, and the right move for Johansson’s career to try to get a longer-term deal at his age.

Still, he was a good fit with Charlie Coyle on the third line, and was a big part of the Bruins developing a potent third line for the first time in 3,298 years.

As far as what’s going to happen to that third line, we’re back to the revolving door:

Party like it’s 2018! And 2017! And 2016...and 2015.

Here’s to hoping that one of the kids can step up.