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Bruins at the World Junior Summer Showcase

Prospects! On Ice! Playing hockey! IT'S SOMETHING!

We're really in the doldrums of summer now, but that doesn't mean we're running on fumes!

It just means we have to put up with scraps. And the B's prospects that are involved with said scraps.

The World Junior Summer Showcase is basically a bunch of exhibition games played with little bearing on the actual World Juniors later this year, its just a nice place to start getting back into the swing of seeing hockey on TV. It means next to nothing, but it’s a good way to see up and coming talent:

And the following Bruins prospects will be attending the WJSS:

For the USA:

John Beecher - C: Considering how big the guy is, it will be next to impossible to miss him.

Curtis Hall - C: The 2018 4th rounder will be attending as a large Yale center. Good idea for a depth guy.

For Sweden:

Axel Andersson - D: Axel will be taking his extensive SSK knowledge he gained over the past year and applying it to keeping sweden’s goaltender happy and danger-free before he reports to the Providence Bruins this fall.

As for whether or not you can watch the games? You can!...Just the last three. Those games will be broadcast on NHL Network. You can find the schedule here.

Good luck to these guys as they begin their showcase on Friday!