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2018-19 Player Ratings: David Krejci had a healthy year, which means he had a great one

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Krejci staved off father time and the injury bug to show his own brand of beautiful playmaking hockey.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Nobody likes being healthy more than David Krejci.

Whenever he’s been able to complete at least 70 or more NHL games, he’s been able to get around 60 or more points in a season, and 2018-19 was no different.

Whenever he’s healthy, he’s usually one of the better playmakers on the Boston Bruins; able to do such feats of dynamism by seemingly slowing down time to make plays happen and to take otherwise good defensive players directly off their game, and getting off crystal clean passes through bodies in order to set up golden opportunities. And thanks to the fact he finished almost the entire season, The Czech alternate captain made himself yet again a terror of opposing defenses the league over. And this was especially impressive given his line being in a constant state of flux; he found a way to work with it.

And as per usual, when David Krejci scores, he usually finds a way for the puck to just bend through the space-time continuum to get to the back of the net. Angle and shot quality be damned.

Little surprise then that he finished as a finalist for best Czech forward in hockey, and also racked up his 600th point in the NHL.

For negatives to his season? Well...It’s the usual David Krejci stuff. He’s a pass-first, playmaking style center who needs shooters. Didn’t always have them this year and some of his performances reflected this with frustration when he couldn’t get a good pass through or when he opted to pass instead of shoot. He was also, according to the fancy numbers, actually pretty mediocre on the man advantage, which seems extremely odd given his skillset, but it wasn’t enough to really stop him from tying his best season ever.

In the Playoffs:

David Krejci in the playoffs was very much Playoff Krejci in the way Playoff Krejci is; a dangerous playmaker that helped kickstart several goals for the B’s down the stretch. He also somehow learned how to play goalie!

That was fun!

Unfortunately, his playoffs finally hit a rough patch when the B’s met the Blues in the final, and the player who never went more than a game without a point suddenly had 5 in a row. He was the only other player in Game 7 to record a point, and that was dishing to Matt Grzelcyk.

Player Aggregate Grade: 8.2/10

Sky’s Grade: 8/10

Dan’s Grade: 8/10

Jake’s Grade: 8/10

Adam’s Grade: 9/10

Shawn’s Grade: 8/10

Krejci was once again a stalwart part of the Boston Bruins experience, and even if he drove you crazy, you cannot say he wasn’t effective.

The question on everyone’s mind of course is a simple one: how healthy can you keep Krejci, and if you can do much more of this could you get?

It’s just food for thought.

Fancy Stats and Visual: