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2018-2019 Player Ratings: Brad Marchand ramped up the production for a career year

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Avoiding extended injury led to his first 100-point season.

NHL: JUN 12 Stanley Cup Final - Blues at Bruins Photo by Michael Tureski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Overall Rating: 8.6

Individual Ratings:

Dan - 8

Shawn - 8

Jake, Sky, Adam - 9

It’s kind of weird: Brad Marchand has been great for years now, but coming into this season, he had also improved his production over each of the past 4 seasons.

He was no longer an overlooked player, of course, but the continuous improvement was impressive. It’s almost like he hadn’t quite reached his final form.

42 points, 61 points, 85 points, then 85 points again in 12 fewer games. NOT BAD.

And then, we got this season, where he went ahead and improved some more!

Marchand had a career year in 2018-2019, setting highs in both assists (64) and points (100). He remained a great three-zone player while putting up those point totals as well, cementing himself as one of the game’s better all-around forwards.

Perhaps most importantly, Marchand was able to keep himself from getting a lengthy suspension this year (though you could argue that it wasn’t for lack of trying). His ability to stay in the lineup certainly contributed to him reaching the century mark in points.

Our team rarely gives 10’s, so most of us gave Marchand a 9; however, he got one 8, giving him a total rating of 8.6. You all can yell at that person all you want.

(EDIT (7/29): Turns out I actually gave Marchand an 8. Did I mean to? I guess. If I try to justify it now, my reasoning would be occasional bad penalties, that horrible line change in Game 7,’s summer and my brain is fried. I probably should have given him a 9, but I’m not going to give myself an out and change it. Instead, I will say that me and Shawn are strict.)

Marchand was good in the playoffs, scoring at nearly a point-per-game pace; however, he had maddening stretches during that run where he went ice cold.

Scoring only 2 goals in the Final was frustrating (though he certainly wasn’t the only one), and I still have flashbacks of him shooting that wide-open PP shot directly into Jordan Binnington’s chest in the first period of Game 7. Why? WHY????

Anyways, Marchand is a great player. He had a great season. He continues to have an elite connection with Patrice Bergeron and David Pastrnak, and continues to be one of the league’s better all-around forwards.

In his defense, he cleaned up his game a bit this season as well, which is something most Bruins fans have been hoping for. Still, he can’t seem to shake that part of his game entirely. He avoided discipline for his jab to Scott Harrington’s head during the Columbus series, and had a few other near-misses as well.

It seems to boil down to the fact that Marchand is always going to walk that line. He needs to get under people’s skin to be effective, but he’s also too good and too valuable to take dumb penalties and suspensions now.

Still, results are what matter, right? He seemed to find a healthy balance of edge and productivity this year, and it was a huge boost for the Bruins.

If Marchand is able to follow the trajectory of his past few seasons, cracking the century mark again next year isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Maybe then we can have our strict voter give him a 9.

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