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Bruins make six AHL signings

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The P-B’s have some new guys, and some old guys returning.

Sam Asselin’s Twitter

The Bruins announced yesterday the signing of a bunch of players who will be suiting up for the Gold and Black of Providence, some who are return cases, others who are new to the Bruins system. Let’s go through them all right now!


Samuel Asselin - C

We talked about this over here, but this is the confirmation. He certainly seems happy to be here!

And that’s what counts.

Brendan Woods - Left Wing/Center

A career AHLer who has largely been depth. Hopefully he’ll have a better year, as he’s been injured on and off again and couldn’t finish the season with Utica in last season.

Robert Lantosi - Left/Right Wing

A winger from Slovakia who was absolutely unstoppable for HK Nitra last year in the Tipsport Liga and was in the top 5 in scoring. Also, if Cehlarik manages to wrestle himself an NHL spot, it ensures there’s an eastern european winger doing something for Providence! Fun times!


Joel Messner - RHD

Messner has been in the P-B’s system for a couple years now, but split time last year in Atlanta with the Gladiators and in Providence. The hope is this time he’ll stick around more with the P-B’s.

Alexey Solovyev - LHD

A big boy who has been playing with Bentley University. Has Bentley been good? Yes! Are they in a good division? Uhh...Not really? Kinda?

Well, he’s a Bruin now. So goodbye, conference games against AIC!

Welcome all of these guys to the Providence Bruins!