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Bruins sign Alex Petrovic to PTO

Your Lee Stempniak for 2019-20!

Detroit Red Wings v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

While we were all enjoying a lovely weekend, The Bruins decided they needed to get a PTO out to a bit of a

Is it possible he makes the team?


His previous season was...rough, to put it mildly. He started his 2018-19 in Florida, where he wasn’t good, and then got traded to Edmonton in December, where he was even worse, got concussed, and spent the rest of the year either on the bench or on the mend, with his highlights largely being fights. His season ended for good in February after 35 games on two awful teams.

To say his season went poorly would be an understatement.

If he makes the team after a genuinely good preseason? Okay, cool. He’s at his very best right now a 7th d-man. If he doesn’t have a good preseason and disappears into the aether? Also fine. We’re only gonna know for sure when the season begins in full next month.

But for now, welcome Alex Petrovic to the Boston Bruins!