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It’s time to Ceht aside our differences

We must unite for a common good.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers

Folks, it’s time to be honest with ourselves: we are a website apart.

On one side, you have those of us who have Ceehn the light; on the other side, we have the doubters, the anti-Peters. I have a feeling the anti-Peters are still scarred by the Peter Chiarelli Era and naturally shun all Peters.

However, I am not a psychiatrist. I digress.

It is time that we put aside Peter-san politics and come together as one to support our man PC as he makes a charge for the top six.

After all, don’t we have enough that divides us?

Today’s Peter Cehlarik Fact

The Bruins used their 3rd-round pick on Peter Cehlarik back in 2013. That round produced a decent number of NHL regulars.

Other 2013 3rd-rounders (all picked before Cehlarik) include Brett Pesce (66th overall to the Carolina Hurricanes), John Hayden (74th overall to the Chicago Blackhawks), Pavel Buchnevich (75th overall to the New York Rangers), Jake Guentzel (77th overall to the Pittsburgh Penguins), Anthony Duclair (80th overall to the New York Rangers), Kurtis Gabriel (81st overall to the Minnesota Wild), and Oliver Bjorkstrand (89th overall to the Columbus Blue Jackets).

Drafted two rounds after Cehlarik? None other than Connor Clifton, who was selected 133rd overall by the Arizona Coyotes.