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The Bruins have given Bruce Cassidy a contract extension

Looks like Bruce has earned a little job security.

New England Patriots Practice Photo by Nic Antaya for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A little news for your Wednesday! Per the team, the Bruins have signed head coach Bruce Cassidy to what they're calling a "multi-year" contract extension.

How many years? Multiple!

According to the press release, Cassidy has led the Bruins to the second-most points in the NHL since he took over.

Cassidy's record behind the bench currently stands at 117-52-22, giving him a point percentage of 73%.

That, folks, is not bad.

Cassidy has been a good fit with this team so far, and has certainly seized his second opportunity behind an NHL bench.

It remains to be seen how he does when the team hits a rough patch, but thus far, he's certainly earned an extension.