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LeBrun: “Progress” in contract talks between the Bruins and Charlie McAvoy

Hey, it’s better than nothing!

NHL: JUN 12 Stanley Cup Final - Blues at Bruins Photo by Michael Tureski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Training camp kicked off today, and there were two names conspicuously absent from the Bruins’ roster: Brandon Carlo and Charlie McAvoy.

We know, of course, that they’re missing because they don’t have contracts, so they can’t be there. Still, the fact that camp has begun and those two aren’t present makes their contract situations a little more alarming.

Things have been quiet on the McAvoy/Carlo fronts, so any sort of news counts as noteworthy. Today, we had this from Pierre LeBrun of TSN:

Hey, we’ll take “progress” and things “moving!”

It’s been floated in NHL circles all week that Zach Werenski’s contract might get things moving for other RFA’s and if tonight is any indication, that appears to be true: the Flyers have reportedly signed RFA defenseman Ivan Provorov to a contract extension:

My guess is that the Bruins would like to take care of McAvoy’s contract before turning to Carlo, so hopefully things keep “moving” on both fronts soon.

Werenski took less money for a bridge at a cap hit of $5 million; Provorov took more money with a longer term at $6.75 million.

My guess? McAvoy signs his deal by Monday, 7 x $7.3 million. Keep in mind I know nothing about anything, but guessing is fun.