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Cehcuring a roster spot

How do we feel with one preseason game in the books?

Vancouver Canucks v Boston Bruins Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Some of you watched an illicit stream. Some of you watched a legitimate stream on the Bruins’ or Devils’ websites. The smarter among you saw “Bruins vs. Devils preseason” and simply carried on living your Monday.

Anyways, we have a preseason game in the books! This means that for the next preseason game, we should see some different faces from last night’s game in Newark, namely my man and yours, Peter Cehlarik.

It’s safe to say that once Peter Cehlarik gets into the lineup, he is not coming out. If you think about it, it’s gracious of him to not play in the first game, as it gives other guys a chance.

Nice guy, that Peter Cehlarik.

Today’s Peter Cehlarik Fact

Peter Cehlarik’s first name is Peter. According to Wiki-Pete-ia, that is the third-most common Slovak male name (or at least it was, last time they tallied it in 2010).

The Bruins have had a few other guys (though not all of them were Slovakian) with names in the top ten: Jozef (#1) Stumpel, Milan (#6), Miroslav (#8) Satan, and Tomas (#10) Kaberle.

Even better fact that I found while looking this up: Jozef Stumpel was STILL PLAYING PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY last year at the age of 45. He scored 11 points in 6 games for HK 96 Nitra of Slovakia’s third-tier league.

Hockey is wild, man.