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Globe: Jeremy Jacobs has given the Bruins to his kids

The longtime owner is now technically the former owner.

Boston Bruins Executives Hold End-Of-Season Press Conference Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

According to the Boston Globe, Jeremy Jacobs is no longer the owner of the Boston Bruins.

Kevin Paul Dupont reports that Jacobs signed the team over to his 6 children earlier this year, electing to formally relinquish his ownership rights.

For all intents and purposes, Charlie Jacobs has been running the show for quite some time now, and that's likely to continue.

Still, it's a change to no longer have Jeremy Jacobs at the helm after nearly 50 years of ownership.

Jacobs gets a lot of heat from detractors for being cheap, a reputation he earned prior to the early-00's lockout. Since then, he's spent to the cap every year, and continues to put money into renovating and improving TD Garden.

Still, many believe Jacobs was one of the driving forces behind both recent lockouts, which is...not ideal.

Hopefully the Jacobs clan can successfully run the ship as a group, and the smooth sailing for the franchise can continue.