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Prospects Challenge: Sabres vs. Bruins stream

Hey, you might be able to watch LIVE hockey tonight!

2018 O.R.G. NHL China Games - Boston Bruins v Calgary Flames

The Bruins’ children will face the Sabres’ children tonight in Buffalo...EXCITING STUFF.

Unlike yesterday’s game, this one is actually going to be streamed online by our good pals in Buffalo.

Watch the Game

It’s worth noting that this game might have some blackout restrictions tied to it...unclear whether those blackouts are local to Buffalo or local to both teams’ markets.

I can’t see why a game that isn’t being broadcast in Boston would be blacked out, but stranger (dumber) things have happened when it comes to TV rights.

(NOTE: I just tried it in Boston as it went live, and it is, in fact, blacked out. Hilarious.)

Per the team, here’s who you can watch tonight:


If you get a chance to watch, feel free to discuss in the comments.

UPDATE: Looks like no dice for many of us for the stream. The Sabres streamed the first game on their Facebook page, but I don’t see a link there. If I find one, I’ll try to dump it in here.