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Brett Ritchie has been placed on waivers

A move has been made.

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Following last night's ugliness in Columbus, the Bruins have made a somewhat big roster move: Brett Ritchie has been placed on waivers.

It's not entirely surprising, but is still a little surprising.

The Bruins do need to call someone up to replace the injured Tuukka Rask, but they could probably put Rask on IR to free up that roster spot.

Ritchie will likely be assigned to Providence if he clears waivers.

It's been a tough go for Ritchie, who started off so well with that goal in the opener in Dallas. He only has 6 points in 27 games, and hasn't brought much in the way of being consistently tough on the puck or anything like that.

It's not terribly likely that the Bruins looked at last night and said "well, Ritchie didn't fight, ship him out of here," but people will speculate on that anyways.

I'd assume he'll clear. From there, it'll be interesting to see who the Bruins use to fill that roster spot.