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Pastrnak named All-Star MVP after busy night

Pasta does what only three other Bruins in history have ever done before.

2020 Honda NHL All-Star Game - Metropolitan Division v Atlantic Division Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Let’s be clear: Absolutely nobody on planet earth actually tries all that hard at the All-Star Game. At any All-Star Game. That said, it’s really nice to see that occasionally you can come up with a big moment for your division, and for the team you represent.

And that’s what captain David Pastrnak of the Atlantic Division did, as he was named All-Star MVP at the conclusion of the night’s events after a 4 goal, six point night. Much like the Bruins, the Atlantic struggled mightily when Pasta wasn’t able to get good looks, and eventually fell to the winner Pacific Division.

As for how he felt about the honor, he admitted he was a bit surprised:

“Y’know, I don’t know who does the voting. If that was voted in by fans, I appreciate the love. Probably wasn’t any fans from the St. Louis building.”

As for how his coach, Bruce Cassidy thought about it, he appears to believe Pasta thrives when given responsibility...

That’ll make for fun debate fodder later in the year.

This is also a pretty big deal for the Bruins in that, for much of the All-Star Game’s history, they’ve largely been players who’ve gone, and never received much accolades beyond stuff done in the Skills Competition. The only other Bruins to receive MVP honors were:

  • Bill Guerin in 2001
  • Ray Bourque in 1996
  • Bobby Orr in 1972

Which is, as I’m being told, apparently good company to be in.

Congrats to Pasta, and we hope to see him bright and refreshed and ready to take on the Jets in...

[checks notes]

...six days.

Hockey can’t come back fast enough.