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Morning Skate: Starting anew

With the bubble deflated, we’re on to whatever comes next.

Boston Bruins v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Five Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This bubble season was weird, which means the offseason should be weird too.

After all, we’re sitting here on October 1 talking about the pending NHL Draft and the looming start of free agency, when we’d normally be talking about Opening Night being just a few days away.

What could make this offseason more interesting is the compressed nature of the schedule. If the NHL hopes to kick things off December 1, that leaves teams with a little over a month before the probable start of training camp.

That short time frame will impact rookie camps, free agency, name it.

If nothing else, it means that we shouldn’t have many days coming up with no NHL news whatsoever, so that’s fun.

The Bruins have been quiet thus far, but I’d imagine things start to pick up next week.

We’ll see!

Today’s highlight

Speaking of Opening Nights, this was a decent one for the Bruins. Ah, the bright start to the Brett Ritchie Era...

Today’s discussion topic

Where are the big-name free agents from this class going to end up? You know, the Taylor Halls, Alex Pietrangelos, etc.