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Morning Skate: No stars

Already a couple of cancellations.

1996 46th NHL All-Star Game: Western Conference v Eastern Conference Photo by John Giamundo/Getty Images

The end of the week is upon us! Hopefully you’ve had a decent week and have some good stuff on tap for the weekend.

Yesterday, the NHL made two unsurprising announcements: the 2021 Winter Classic and the 2021 All-Star Game were postponed.

It wasn’t hard to see this coming. The status of the 2020-2021 regular season remains very up in the air, especially as COVID numbers continue to climb around the country.

Both of these events require quite a bit of advanced planning and a great deal of logistics. Plus, both are counted on to be big-money events with tons of people, lots of tourist dollars, etc.

Given the general uncertainty, it makes sense to just pull the plug. It remains to be seen if the league just bumps Minnesota and Florida’s hosting duties to next year, or if they just get tossed down the line.

These cancellations don’t necessarily mean that the league won’t resume Jan. 1 as it had hoped, but that whole plan looks pretty unstable without another bubble situation.

Today’s highlight

Speaking of Winter Classics...

(Also, a Byron Bitz sighting!)

Today’s discussion topic

If the league could play an outdoor game wherever, where would you choose? Bruins vs. Canadiens on the Charles River. Who says no?