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Morning Skate: Doldrums

We are in the weird part of the calendar, folks.

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Charles Laberge/Getty Images


Folks, we are officially in the No Man’s Land portion of the offseason.

After the excitement of the 2020 NHL Draft and the flurry of action that accompanies free agency, we’re now just left with...nothing.

There are still a few free agents left on the board, and still plenty of moves that could be made.

But in all likelihood, the guys left on the market will be taking their time signing new deals, and it’s hard for teams to make big splashes via trade when no one really knows if/when the 2020-2021 season will be played.

I guess all of this is a long way of saying there’s not a lot going on in Bruins land right now. We’re going to start doing a player grades series soon (probably starting Monday), but I’m not sure there will be much news for us all to discuss until then.

Hey, at least we’ve still got the World Series, NFL, MLS, world soccer, etc. to discuss, right?

Today’s highlight

We all know how this series ended, and we all know that in retrospect, Savard almost certainly shouldn’t have been playing so soon.

But man...what a cathartic, joyful goal that was.

Today’s discussion topic

The league thinks it’s possible that its intended January 1 start may take a “different form” than originally intended.

If you could change one part of hockey’s intended form, what would it be? I’d make one player on each team play without skates.