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Morning Skate: Top marks

Does a Bruins blueliner belong?

Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins - Game Two Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s difficult to get fans of every NHL team to agree on something.

Other than booing Gary Bettman, fans of different teams will have different takes on just about everything.

However, there's one thing that consistently brings everyone together: arguing about NHL Network lists!

While we all know the NHL Network makes their lists controversial in order to drum up interest, we just can't stop taking the bait.

Case in point:

NHLN released that list above yesterday, and people sure did like arguing about it.

Interestingly, they have Charlie McAvoy listed among their picks for the league's best defenseman.

While he's not going to be anyone's top pick, it's interesting that he's included in the Top-25 conversation.

He’s the Bruins’ best defenseman currently, but is that good enough to put him in the group above?

That list is missing a couple of notable names as well, including Ivan Provorov and Aaron Ekblad. It also has a lot of “legacy” guys on there, like Drew Doughty and Kris Letang.


Today’s highlight

It’s your first NHL goal, Charlieeeeeeeeeee!!!

Today’s discussion topic

Does McAvoy belong on the list? Any other egregious issues up on that list?