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Morning Skate: Black out

Dallas is going...bold. Yeah, that’s it.

2020 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Ben Fromstein/NHLI via Getty Images

NHL teams are steadily releasing new jerseys this offseason, with leaks of “reverse retro” jerseys from Pittsburgh, Philly, and San Jose, then an official release like the one below.

I...yeah. Wow. Where to begin.

These jerseys look like so many different things:

  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Mountain Dew
  • Tron
  • That old flash game where you were a tank and went around shooting other tanks
  • Ecto Cooler
  • A glowstick that became human

Looking at these threads, it’s hard to decide if they’re so bad that they’re good, or if they’re just bad. If nothing else, they sure are interesting.

I thought Dallas already had a nice set of jerseys, with the white and “victory green” looking nice out there on the ice.

This neon green set kind of upsets that balance, but hey: it’s something.

It’s actually nice to see the NHL, normally one of the more boring professional sports leagues, getting a little weird.

Today’s highlight

Why yes, that’s a Carl Soderberg sighting too! I watched this game from a restaurant bar after my brother’s rehearsal dinner...good times.

(Not such good times the rest of the series, but...)

Today’s discussion topic

Those Stars jerseys - yay or nay?