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Bruins select Mason Langenbrunner 151st Overall

The Bruins put a little legacy on their roster with Jamie Langenbrunner’s son!

It took over an hour, but once again the Boston Bruins were on the clock, and they chose, are you ready for this?

A 6’2 American guy going to the NCAA.

Shocking, I know! It’s so unlike Don Sweeney!

Mason Langenbrunner is the child of former NHLer Jamie Langenbrunner, and has been a strong two way defender for Eden Prairie High School in Minnesota, full of raw talent but with plenty of upside, where he finished his year with 19 points in 25 games. He’s going to be committed to Harvard University, which, if the Ivy League ever decides to play, will likely see him make his debut right away.

Welcome to the Boston Bruins, Mason!