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Bruins select Riley Duran 182nd Overall

Woburn, stand up!

Oh hey! This one didn’t take nearly as long as the last one!

So! All together now! The Bruins drafted an over 6’0 american playing in the USHL committed to the NCAA!

The Boston Bruins have drafted in the 6th round one Riley Duran, a 6’1 woburn native who has been playing with Lawrence Academy and will be playing with the Youngstown Phantoms, the same team that Trevor Kuntar played for, this year. He is also committed to Providence College for next year.

Duran’s game could definitely be described as “Big boy hockey”, his preference as he told the New England Hockey Journal was a game that was a “Work-down-low” kind of deal. In his own words, he “love(s) just making plays coming out from the corners, going to the net and running guys through the boards and stuff.”

So yeah, definitely a guy that, if he plays his cards right, will make fans very happy. But he’s gotta work hard to get it.

Welco-uh...hmm...congrats on not needing to pack a suitcase, Riley!