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Boston Bruins v Vegas Golden Knights

Torey Krug has signed with St. Louis.

The team’s premiere offense-first blueliner has signed with the Blues.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rumor swirled over the past few months over where Torey Krug would land, if he’d land anywhere at all, with the Bruins offering a reasonable contract if he decided he couldn’t find the right fit elsewhere.

And now, we have our answer. He did.

It’s been reported that defenseman Torey Krug, deep into the night of the first day of free agency, has signed a contract with the St. Louis Blues. The terms are for 7 years, and for $6.5 million AAV.

Krug started his career for Boston on relief in 2012, and made his true debut in the playoffs on relief again in 2013, where he impressed everyone against the New York Rangers, and has since been one of the most dynamic, if somewhat frustrating, offensive defensemen in the entire league, being the lynchpin player on the Boston Bruins power play for what is now seven years.

Regardless of how this shakes out for either team, we will miss Krug dearly as he sets his sights on the cup in a sweater that has haunted the memories of Bruins fans since that fateful summer’s eve in 2019.

So long, Torey. And thanks for all the memories!